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The Value of the Cards in Blackjack

You may already know that the target of the game is to have a hand of cards that equal twenty one, or as close to twenty one as you can get. You do not want to exceed the number twenty one. But, if you are new to the game of blackjack, then you may not know the values of the cards. Knowing the values of the cards is crucial to how well you do in the game.

The values of the Cards

Here are the values of the cards in the game of Blackjack:

  • The value of the cards that display a number of two through nine are valued at that amount. For instance, a card with a seven on it has a point value of seven.
  • If you have a king, queen, or jack card then the point value of those cards are equal to ten points. For example, a king is ten points, a queen is ten points, and a jack is ten points.
  • If you have an ace then the card is valued at either one point or eleven points. In this case, there is no rule to what the value of the ace is. The only thing about an ace card in terms of deciphering the value of the card is the player.
  • If you have an ace, then you can choose whether or not the card equals one or eleven. The player decides the value of the ace according to what makes for the better hand.
  • As an example, we will say that a player has a 7 and a 3 card. The player then draws an ace. The 7 and 3 card equal an amount of ten. If the player counts the ace card as one, then the hand is only worth 11 points. However, if the player has a 7 and a 3 card and then draws the ace card and counts it as an 11, then the hand would equal twenty one. That would be a winning hand since the purpose is to get a hand worth twenty one or as close to twenty one as possible without exceeding twenty one. The player uses the ace card in a way that makes a better hand for their game.
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